Event Staffing

Have an event planned, but struggling to find staff?
Not to worry, SKC is here to help!

Here at SKC, we specialise in providing professional staff to run your next children’s event. Within our team, we have Team Leaders and Junior Staff, all of which have been trained to practise correct customer service in areas such as proper communication, time management, problem solving, presenting a fun and friendly demeanour at all times.  

All our staff have the proper documents required for working with children i.e. BlueCard, and if other certificates are needed such as First- Aid, we have staff with those qualifications as well.  

Our staff will always look professional and presentable and ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.  

If you have an event coming up, specifically one that involves craft and kids, we at SKC would love to help! Send us an email and enquire about our services today!  

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